Using and Charging my HotRox

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Using your HotRox - Your HotRox will need charging before use.

Charge Methods

The quickest way to charge your HotRox is from a Mains USB charger, this takes around 2.5 hours, you can also charge from the USB Port in a car and this will take 3 hours. If you spend your days near computers the USB port on a laptop or PC will charge your HotRox in around 5 hours. 

Your HotRox has a 3 stage switch with bright LED indicators. This should be in the Down or OFF position during charging, during charging the LED will be Solid Red, when fully charged this light is solid Green. 


Remember - HotRox holds its charge for weeks on end ensuring it is ready for you when you need it most. The Battery in the HotRox has no memory so top it up.

The Battery in your HotRox takes up to 10 charge / discharge cycles to be fully conditioned. After this it will be performing at its maximum.


Using your HotRox


Your HotRox has a 3 stage switch with bright LED indicators. 

Off - No LED lights

Medium Heat - Flashes Green 

High Heat - Flashes Red 


When the HotRox is empty the LED turns to Solid Red - Always turn your HotRox off after use (to conserve its energy for another time) or when empty.


Your HotRox will last for up to 3 hours on the High setting and up to 6 hours on the Medium setting - as you can imagine the duration is effected (as we are) if your HotRox is being used in seriously adverse conditions.


Remember - The Joy of HotRox is that it can be turned off, so if you arent using it - Turn it off. You will be surprised just how long it lasts !





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