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HotRox Handwarmers - The End To Cold Hands

HotRox Hand Warmers are a brand new way of keeping your hands (and other parts of your body) Warm. HotRox reusable hand warmers are recharged by plugging them into the wall or a computers USB port. HotRox hand warmers are simple, safe and easy to use. You turn them on, you turn them off! and they can be reused over and over again. What more could you want? No Boiling,...

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Using and Charging my HotRox

Using your HotRox - Your HotRox will need charging before use. Charge Methods The quickest way to charge your HotRox is from a Mains USB charger, this takes around 2.5 hours, you can also charge from the USB Port in a car and this will take 3 hours. If you spend your days near computers the USB port on a laptop or PC will charge your HotRox in around 5...

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Which HotRox is best for me ?

HotRox Electric Hand Warmers come in 2 versions - both contain the same style and quality of HotRox Hand warmer. The first option is for those who already own 5V USB chargers, so just include the HotRox and a USB charge lead. the second option comes in a stylish box, perfect if you are giving it as a Christmas present. Inside the box is everything needed to get started. •...

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Why HotRox ?

HotRox provides a modern elegant answer to cold hands, HotRox Electronic Handwarmers heat up in only 15 seconds, have 2 heat settings and stay warm for 3-6 hours. You charge them from USB so can be charged from the mains or from the USB port on a PC or laptop. HotRox is an approved product of The Raynauds Association. HotRox is a lifestyle product and is popular with all ages....

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